Established in 1983, Escrow Northwest, Inc. is one of the most trusted escrow companies in Washington State. Clients know our level of commitment, as we believe in open communication and follow through. For ESCROW NW, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction and protecting our client's interest .

The staff is filled with licensed and experienced professionals, all having a fantastic understanding of the real estate market.  ESCROW NW is licensed by the State of Washington.  The qualified employees handling your escrow are licensed by the State of Washington as escrow officers and must be licensed by the Washington State Bar Association as Limited Practice Officers. 

Focusing only on residential and commercial properties and not real estate sales, we are experts when it comes to closing transactions. Our reputation for professionalism and excellence is something you can absolutely rely on.


Matthew P. Hansen


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Laurel A. Brester

Vice President

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Ronald B. Hansen


LPO# 88